DESIGN CELLAR FREEBIE: How I’m Planning for Our Master Bathroom Remodel

A few days ago the rather impulsive part of me decided that we need to do something about our shitty bathrooms, like, IMMEDIATELY.  I can’t stand to be in any of our bathrooms, however, today I’m just talking about the one I can’t fathom the most – our master bathroom.

We don’t think the previous owner took that great of care of it and the longer it’s in its current state the more aggravated I get when I have to look at it. It requires a full gut.

I can’t believe I’m posting this photo but… here it is in its current state:

I have to admit – as ugly as it is right now (like who tf uses mauve as a paint color), I see the potential and it just makes for a bomb ass before + (eventually) after.

Here’s my initial plan:

  • I’m most excited about the shower. I want to rip it out and add floor-to-ceiling marble and floating glass doors (I can feel my bathroom budget planner seething at me), but it will make the bathroom appear so much larger/open
  • New faux wood porcelain tiles
  • New toilet and vanity
  • New mirror and sconce
  • New lighting
  • A fresh coat of paint. This bathroom doesn’t get a ton of natural light so as much as I’d love to paint it a dark color, I think the lighter the better so it feels *fresh and airy.*

I obviously had to create a concept design board for design inspiration and to bring with me during my trips to Floor & Decor:

And of course, here are the photos that are inspiring our bathroom design:

I have zero words for Erin Kestenbaum’s bathroom. I could stare at this image all day.

OK so…I have the ideas. Now what? So glad you asked.

I mean… you typically should hire out for a bathroom remodel, especially with a full gut and reno. However, Angelo and I are resourceful millennial DIY’ers who live on YouTube and cringe at the thought of hiring out for something we can do ourselves.

A standard bathroom remodel can cost over $10k (half of that being labor), so we decided we’re going to DIY. It will take a lot longer and will be one of the most challenging things we’ve ever done, but we are always up for a good challenge. I have my sledgehammer and caffeine ready. Anyone know where I can find some patience?

Because we decided to take the majority of this project on ourselves, a shit ton of planning will be involved. Luckily, I’m obsessed with planning, so in addition to my Concept Design Board, I created a 7 page comprehensive printable PDF to track, budget and plan our entire bathroom remodel.

I would be a big asshole if I said I created this amazing planner but didn’t offer it up in case you wanted to use it as well. So I made my Bathroom Remodel Planning PDF available in my brand new Design Cellar where you can download and use for YOUR bathroom renovation (whether you plan to hire out, DIY or both)!

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