Digging the Dark Side: Rooms that Inspire

Digging the Dark Side: Rooms that Inspire

I’ve recently been drawn to dark walls which is concerning because I just spent an entire summer at Sherwin Williams choosing the perfect “light grays.”

Let me be clear – I’m not referring to darker gray walls. I’m referring to black walls.

After our wedding, we spent a few days at a cozy little lodge in the Catskills, Scribners, and since then I have not gotten the idea of black walls out of my head. According to Sherwin Williams, black walls are considered “threatening or dramatic” yet, associated with sophistication. So, if I want to paint my walls black, my house will be portrayed as threatening and dramatic yet, sophisticated? Shut up and take my money, Sherwin.

I’m not talking about my entire house here, I’m talking about an accent wall (or two), one of our bathrooms (planning to do this within the next month, actually) and our bedroom. If you’re thinking “she’s crazy,” you’re certainly not wrong.

In my search for room inspiration, here are a few of my favorite, most inspiring images of elegant black walls

Drooling over these pictures from Home & Fabulous. I love the black accent wall – especially since it’s surrounded by the same color gray that my walls are, further reassuring that I can pull this off.

Upon further research for “black wall” inspo, I stumbled across The Decorista’sall black house. AND a post on why to paint your walls black. Again, further reassures my black wall desires.

Anddd before I could even finish this blog post I ran to and from Sherwin Williams for some black paint…

Would you ever paint your walls black (or another dramatic color)?


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