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E-Design Inspo: Shades of Gray Bedroom Glam (Plus a Quick Announcement)!

Ah, e-design. The future (and present) of interior design and one of my truest, deepest passions. If you’ve been following my IG stories, you know I recently shared an idea that I had, which came to fruition after receiving countless DM’s/emails about how I create my e-designs, which programs I use, and the most FAQ: “how can do this too?

These questions caused some thinking which led to a big idea that has me over-the-moon excited about: creating an online course for those who want to learn how to e-design. This is something that’s so much greater than anything I’ve done thus far, and my heart and mind are set on creating this course for those who are serious about e-designing. I don’t have a launch timeline just yet, as I still have a bit of research to do and I want to make sure it’s as perfect as it can be, but I’m throwing this idea out into the world and mark my words – I’m going to make it happen for you. If this class is something you may be interested in, send me an email and be on the lookout for some poll questions and updates via my IG stories!


I lied a little in the title of this post -I have two small announcements today. A few days ago I launched my e-design services section on my website! I haven’t “officially” announced it via social media yet, but it’s there, and I know a few of you have already stumbled upon it. I have a few more tweaks to the whole user experience before I start announcing to the world that I’ve launched this service on my blog, but while you’re here, go check it out!e-design services

With this new addition to my site and my new big idea, I thought it would be fun to share some of my e-designs for you to re-create in your own home. Kind of like an inspirational/shop the look post.

Today’s look is a neutral glam small bedroom design that I created with an abundance of grays and black, and of course, styled with plenty of accessories!

shades of gray bedroom glam

Final Virtual Room Design:


gray bedroom glam

*to note – these rooms were designed with certain room dimensions in mind. Be sure to measure accordingly if you plan to recreate.

If you haven’t already, subscribe below for future e-design course updates! I welcome any and all thoughts, questions, comments, etc., so feel free to send me an email/DM if you want to chat about this upcoming e-design course.


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