Loving Lately: 7 Home + Interior Related Obsessions

Loving Lately: 7 Home + Interior Related Obsessions

Jesus take the wheel – it’s finally August. I wait all year long for July 31st to come to an end because quite frankly – I’m not a fan of any of any of the months prior to August. Most people get seasonal depression in the wintertime, but I seem to get it during the heavy and humid days of summer. Put me in an air-conditioned room with the thermostat set at a solid 70 degrees and I’m happy as a clam. Because I’m cool as a cucumber.

Yes, August is still disgustingly hot and humid, but it’s a time when I can begin looking forward to my favorite time of year – autumn.

Autumn has always been a time where I begin to flourish. I’m not really into the whole “spirituality” thing but I do truly feel that autumn is when I start to shift and evolve on a deeper level. I become more relaxed and rejuvenated while I reflect on the last year and begin focusing on a path forward.  I come aLIVE in the fall time.

I hate that I sound like such a basic white bitch, but fall has made me feel this way since I was a kid. Like, long before the “basic white bitch” even was a thing.

7 oz sunday

 As the seasons change, I’m beginning to notice a pattern in the things I’ve recently become infatuated with.

I seem to be gravitating away from focusing on styling and decorating the home and more towards the design and luxury in the details of the home itself.

Don’t get me wrong, styling is still at the tippy top of my “things to obsess over” list, but as life as a homeowner progresses and the seasons change, I’m beginning to evolve my focus to where I can invest in the larger, more important details of our home (i.e. the recent decision to renovate our bathroom).

Today I’m sharing 7 recent home + interior obsessions (& why I’ve they’ve been top of mind)

1. Rachel Parcell’s Home Build

Watching Rachel Parcell’s Instagram stories of her new home build is like the beginning of a crack addiction – you know you’ll get high from it but can’t come to terms with the crash that follows. Except the high I get when watching her videos is the split second my brain is convinced that one day, that could be our home and the crash is realizing that is in fact, definitely not the case. I watch in awe as contractors build her laundry room which is equivalent to the size of my entire home.

Yet, I still keep coming back for more. Justttt like a crack addiction.

2. Alice Lane Interiors

While stalking Rachel Parcell, I stumbled upon her interior designer, Alice Lane, who has a breathtaking portfolio. One of my personal favorites is this closet and this master bath design. Most of her designs aren’t my own personal style, but her work is truly admirable and every single detail is absolute perfection.

3. Erin Kestenbaum’s Bathroom Renovations

erin kestenbaum shower

I know I briefly mentioned her DIY shower on last week’s post, but I have not been able to stop obsessing over her bathroom. It’s even more inspiring and motivating to know that they were DIY projects.

4. Marble, marble, and more marble

marble options

I may have picked up one too many samples of marble after my trip to Floor & Decor last week. I’ve always been infatuated by the idea of having marble counters, a marble kitchen backsplash, marble showers, marble everything. I know it’s a pain in the ass to keep clean (and apparently slippery), but it’s such a luxurious addition to any room.

5. High/Vaulted Ceilings

vaulted ceilings

We often talk about what we’d love to do to the house, you know, when we’re more established adults. An addition here, knock down some shit there, but one thing we repeatedly bring up is vaulted ceilings. Our attic is huge and really just wasted space. We would love to get rid of the attic and have vaulted ceilings with SKYLIGHTS. Again, years down the road but, it’s a motivating factor when I have to think about whether I should purchase a new pair of Abercrombie jeans or save for those vaulted ceilings. The jeans usually win because…short-term gratification.

6. Crown Molding + Wainscotting

crown molding

Another thing I’ve been itching to do – crown molding. Everywhere. This is something that fascinates me particularly because it can turn an average looking room and give it a high-class, expensive feel.

7. Fall Decor

You thought I’d end a post without even mentioning decor?! Honestly though – I’ve been trying to save for all the home-improvement projects we have planned but I had to stop in Home Goods the other night to see what all the fall decor hype was about. I got the prettiest lucite and gold foil pumpkin and can’t wait to start collecting ALLLL the glam pumpkins (and start posting fall decor pics without getting anyone’s knickers in a bunch because “it’s too early”).

Alright guys!! I hope you enjoyed my word vom this week.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a fantastic week! <3

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