The Bathroom Makeover Roundup + Simple Ways to Update Your Bathroom

The Bathroom Makeover Roundup + Simple Ways to Update Your Bathroom

Our bathroom renovation is underway and I’ll be posting updates and progress during the One Room Challenge beginning early October!

Ironically, this weekend is the one year anniversary of that time I spent 3 weeks painting our kitchen cabinets. I’ve been saying for the last year that painting the kitchen cabinets has been by far the hardest and most time-consuming project I’ve ever taken on and *omg no way can any project ever compare.*

The only analogy I can think of to compare the complex differences between the challenges of the cabinet painting project and deciding to renovate our bathroom all by ourselves is this:

The cabinet project was like a small child learning how to count to 10. The bathroom renovation is like that same small child taking an advanced calculus course. At Yale.

In addition to being the largest project we’ve ever taken on, bathroom remodeling is expensive. So in honor of DIYing, here are some tips to spruce up your bathroom without dropping $14,000,000 on a full bathroom reno:

+ Paint

bathroom update paint

This is essentially the #1 way to update a room. If you’re stuck with a bathroom you’re not crazy about but you’re on a budget, consider painting the walls, tiles and even the vanity. Painting the tile and vanity won’t last as long as replacing them altogether, but it’ll get you by until you have $14,000,000 you need to remodel

+ Hardware/Fixtures

glam bathroom

New hardware (i.e towel racks) and fixtures (i.e. faucets) seem like a simple swap out, but they’ll be a huge upgrade to your bathroom. Listen to me – DON’T buy cheap fixtures made of plastic – they won’t last. Look into higher-end materials for your fixtures such as brass, which will likely be hand-made, designed with quality materials. You’ll thank me in 29 years when that brass faucet is still going strong.

+ Rug

bathroom update rug

I don’t typically splurge on my bathroom and kitchen rugs since I swap em’ out every 6-10 months. They just get a little too yucky to look at. If you have to think twice about whether your rugs are yucky enough to replace… just replace it. Home Goods sells high quality, budget-friendly rugs. No excuse for having a yucky rug.

+ Lighting

bathroom gold lighting

Fixtures out of date? Swap an old fixture out with a new one and make it the focal point of the bathroom. Even swapping out light bulbs makes a huge difference. Huge.

+ Decorative Towels

bathroom wallpaper

Eye-catching towels are a great way to add color and style.

Since all I’ve been doing in my free time is sourcing bathroom items, I thought it would be fun af to create a ROUNDUP of  ALL THINGS BATHROOM! Whether you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom or are planning a complete remodel, I compiled a list of over 85 bathroom items including:

+ marble

+ tile

 + vanities

+ mirrors

+ faucets

+ sconces

+ hardware

Click here to gain access to my bathroom makeover roundup freebie in addition to my other subscriber-exclusive design freebies!



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