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One Room Challenge, Week 1

Hi there! If you’re new here, my husband and I purchased our first home (a generic, 1960’s bi-level) almost two years ago in Northern NJ. Little by little, we’re adding personality to our basic, builder-grade home, and for this spring’s One Room Challenge™, I’m tackling our master bedroom. For the next six weeks, I encourage you to sit back and follow along with a glass of (bo)vino while I dedicate nearly 98% of my free time to making over this space. The other 2% of my free time?  That’s for showering and maybe the occasional snack. 

Ah, spring time. Flowers are blooming, people are sneezing, and the spring One Room Challenge has begun.

For the next 6 weeks, I plan on turning our master bedroom into a chic yet cozy escape while also making minor changes so the room can be a bit more functional for our everyday lives. 

I can’t jump into the master bedroom plans without mentioning that time I became a contractor (minus the cracked android in my right hand and a Big Mac in my left) during that DIY bathroom reno for the fall ORC…


My goal for the master bedroom is make it cohesive with master bath, but definitely not make them match-y. More like cousins than siblings. I’d like to balance out the femininity of the master bath by creating a more masculine (yet, still chic) master bedroom.


With that said, here’s what I have planned for our bedroom makeover:

+ Remove all builder-grade doors and door frames and replace with new, more functional doors and frames

+ Add Metrie molding throughout the room. I plan on adding crown, base, and different size boxes on the walls

+ New…everything. Bed, bedding, lighting, art, window treatments, etc. When we bought our house, we had nothing, so I ultimately just purchased a bed and nightstands so we wouldn’t be sleeping on the floor. And now it’s time to sell the current furniture on FB marketplace

+ Do I even have to mention…painting? The walls, doors and trim will be one color and I’m looking for a paint with an LRV between 18-32. I want the room to feel cozy, but not too dark and certainly not too light. 

+ A small (but impactful) change to the master bathroom. I know, I have a few screws loose…but I promise there’s rationale behind it. More on that decision below.

And what’s an ORC post without any visuals?!



It’s not terrible, just simply not my style. Again, I had to quickly throw it all together when we moved in just so we had a place to sleep!


Via Sherwin Williams



This concept will likely evolve, but I’m happy with the current look I’m going for.

One of the things I’m most excited about is the House of Hackney Artemis wallpaper. I’ve been eyeing it for a while, and in trying to figure out where I could use wallpaper for this makeover, it hit me:


I know, I just finished this bathroom like, 11 minutes ago. But here’s my rationale: 

I’m always thinking about the different ways I can photograph the final product of a newly designed room, and I can’t help but imagine how gorgeous would the Artemis wallpaper look through this door opening (obviously once the walls are painted and the new door is installed, LOL)

Also (and this is the OCD in me), after our recent living room makeover, I realized that the sofa (focal point of living room) and the vanity (focal point of bathroom) are the exact same shade of green and they’re both displayed against white walls. 

Even though they’re not near each other in the house, I just want both spaces to look at least slightly different from each other. So I’m hoping the Artemis wallpaper will help break up that green focal point/white wall thing I seem to be addicted to. 

This week I’m driving 3 mins down the road to Metrie to pick up some molding and plan to begin measuring and installing this weekend. I’d also love to test out a few more paint colors before making a decision – I keep telling myself I have time but…we all know how quickly 6 weeks goes by 🙂

You can follow my master bedroom progress via Instagram stories …

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My goal for the master bedroom is make it cohesive with master bath, but definitely not make them match-y. More like cousins than siblings. I'd like to balance out the femininity of the master bath by creating a more masculine (yet, still chic) master bedroom.


  1. Absolutely stunning Alisa! I can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m obsessed with that wallpaper

  2. I have House of Hackney Aurora Wallpaper in my sunroom and it’s so beautiful. I would do their wallpaper throughout my whole house if I could! Design looks beautiful, can’t wait to see progress.

  3. Yayy very excited about this! I’ve been faithfully following along with the paint dilemma on Instagram (which I’ll admit, slightly stressed me out like it was my own bedroom) but I love seeing everything together in a blog post like this. That wallpaper is going to look amazing with the color or the bathroom vanity. Godspeed, girl! (and remember to take regular wine breaks)


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