Why This Is the Only Gray Paint Color You’ll Ever Need

A few days ago I asked via IG stories “what’s a home design trend you HATE” and boy oh boy I got some great answers. About 80% of the responses had to do with all farmhouse-related trends.

You mean people are actually sick seeing cotton stems in hammered tin buckets, all-things-Rae Dunn and distressed EVERYTHING? Shit. What a surprise.

But one or two people replied, “people who decorate and paint ALL THINGS GRAY.” I’ll admit – that was totally me about a year ago. Our house needed to be painted 51 shades of gray and there was nothing stopping me from doing so (until my love for black walls and dark green began to flourish).

I learned a shit ton about paint colors during my hunt for the perfect gray(s) last year after we bought our house. After a few weeks and 14 sleeves of cookies, I eventually found the perfect gray paint, which I recommend to clients when they’re also on the hunt for justtttt the right gray.

What a ballsy statement to make. The perfect gray? What even makes up a perfect gray paint? Using my powerful creative energies, I created a poem for you to comprehend just how perfect this gray is:

Not too warm

Not too cool

Not too dark

not too light.

just. fuckin. right.

Drumroll, please……

repose gray

I talk about Sherwin William’s paints so much, it’s almost offensive that they don’t sponsor my posts (luckily their paints are always on sale).

It’s a creamy, pale gray and I’ve never seen a photo I didn’t like with Repose on the walls.

These are the reasons why Repose is the perfect gray…


We don’t get a lot of light in our house, so I had to factor in the Light Reflective Value of the paint I chose.

LRV is essentially how much light the color will reflect on the walls (if you really give a shit about LRV, read more here). Repose has an LRV of 58, which is fairly light, but it can appear darker in rooms that don’t have a lot of light.

A good example of how Repose looks in rooms that get little light vs. a ton of light:

gray living room color

This photo of our living room is completely unedited and you can see that there’s little natural light coming through. The walls appear to be a neutral light-medium gray.

 my texas house

my texas house

my texas house

MyTexasHouse uses this color in essentially every single room of her drop-dead gorgeous home and you can see how much lighter it appears with all that natural light POURING through.


Repose never looks too warm or too cool. But, I do want to note that the LIGHTBULBS you use can drastically change the colors of your walls. To avoid the walls appearing too warm or cool, I always use neutral 3000K bulbs.

repose gray

One of my biggest concerns when choosing the perfect gray was picking a color that looked too blue or too yellow, but Repose is as neutral as it gets, even with its slightly warm undertones.

Also want to note that if your floors and furnishings are on the warmer side, then your walls may appear warmer as well, but that goes for any color.

repose gray

If you’ve been on the hunt for a beautiful, pale light gray that goes with EVERYTHING, this is the color for you.

Sherwin Williams pls respond to my DMs.

How do you feel about choosing paint colors? Have you found that “perfect” color that you love to use throughout your home?

Have a fantastic week my friends! <3



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  1. Delma
    2 weeks ago

    I have been looking for a gray for my Small 3 bedroom house that I am trying to furnish with antiques and I love these gray thank you. I am so glad I found your website. Thanks Delma

  2. Alicia
    7 hours ago

    Beautiful and very helpful, what white trim did you use.


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