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Pillow Talk: My Go-To Methods For Styling A Bed & 16 Bold Combinations To Use In Your Bedroom

During our master bedroom makeover, I became overwhelmed and obsessed with how to style the bed and which pillow sizes, colors and patterns to use. Since the bed is the focal point of a bedroom, the throw pillows had to be just right. 


Throw pillows are easy to  swap out when you get bored of a color/style, so they’re one of my favorite ways to take risks in a bedroom (the title of this post is “pillow talk,” I had to make a sexual innuendo).

There are so many different sizes of pillows and ways to style them but ultimately, I decided to keep things simple, yet still bold and pretty.

I opted for a 16×24 Scalamandre pattern pillow, two 24×24 solid blush velvet pillows (a last minute Home Goods find) and standard queen pillows supporting the two blush pillows. 


Whether  you have a king or queen size bed, there are a ton of different pillow size and style combinations you can use. 

So to help break things down, I created some graphics for some common pillow size combos and my go-to styling methods when it comes to your bed. 



You can of course, switch these up as  you please, but I love this method because having a pattern against a solid is (visually) pleasing like, 100% of the time. 

Pattern-on-pattern definitely works in many situations, and I think the key is to use two patterns that are not too similar (i.e. floral against abstract). Like this:


When it comes to buying pillows, my one-stop-shop is Etsy as there are a million + 1 options. I gathered some ideas and combinations for you to use in your bedroom below!

pillow talk:

bold combos to use in your bedroom


Shop all the pillows here:

Do you have a go-to method for styling your bed? 

If you’re in the process of choosing pillow styles and sizes for your bedroom, I hope this was helpful for you!



  1. Do you have any idea how HELPFUL this was! 🧡🧡. We just upgraded to a King size bed and I have had no idea what to do with the pillows.. Thanks so much for this blog post.

    • Oh that’s so great to hear Jenn!! Sometimes I wonder if spending so much time on these posts will help anyone, so it’s nice to hear that it’s helped at least one person!! Thank you for letting me know! <3

  2. This post is just in the nick of time. I’m looking at my sectional and it doesn’t feel right (for a few days now). I was online for a while yesterday trying to pick new covers. It’s good to wake up to some timely help and stuff that affirmed my thoughts! I’ll be using your advice! Thank you!

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