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Design Plans & Goals For Our Home In 2019

New year, who dis? Please don’t leave I’m joking. I suppose it’s only appropriate that I kickoff 2019 with what we have planned for our home this year. Because I’m sure you’re just *dying* to know.

We’ve lived in our home for a little over a year and so far, our master bathroom has been the only room in the house that’s actually been completely renovated (and the only room I truly love).

Since my style has evolved so much over the last year, I thought it would be a good idea to plan ahead for what’s to come in 2019 and live with the concept designs I already created for a few months to ensure it’s exactly what we want. 

What I am sure of, is this:

2019 will be all about pushing the limits and making a statement in our home.


2019 GOALS:

+ To maintain a (mostly) clean and organized home. What’s the point of having beautiful designs when you can’t keep it clean? (this is something we’ve struggled with)

+ I want each room to be generally different from the next but with similar elements and color schemes. More like cousins than siblings

+ I want our home to reflect us. When people walk into our home, I want them to think “this is so you

+ Similarly to the master bath, I want to continue to inspire others with the rooms we makeover this year

So what exactly do we have planned?


Organization and tidying up has been a struggle for us. We’re admittedly lazy during the week after work, so the weekends are spent cleaning up the mess that’s formed during the week when it really should be spent on projects. Not good.

I’d like to focus on not only creating a beautiful home but creating a home that feels good to live in. The plan is to:

+ Tidy up more during the week

+ Create systems and designated areas for our things

+ Get rid of everything that we either don’t use or doesn’t bring us joy



This room has been a struggle. It’s been styled a million different ways, mainly because I don’t like the sofa and therefore this room has never looked the way I truly want it to.

But, by the grace of the green sofa Gods, last week Angelo caved and confirmed I could, in fact, order the green velvet chesterfield that I’ve always longed for. Before he changed his mind, I slammed the place order button.

How this room currently looks:

And this is the concept design that I’ll be bringing to life:


What I’d like to accomplish by end of March:

+ Add Metrie molding (crown, wall, base)

+ Paint the walls BM Dove White (almost done)

+ Build up my vintage & antique collection of ornate mirrors, portraits, etc. to create a gallery wall

+ Swap out the current ivory sofa with the new Anthropologie Velvet Green Chesterfield


We don’t have the biggest bedroom, so we have to make the most of what we have and there’s not much we can do to structurally change it.

This is, unfortunately, our bedroom in its current state:


We plan to:

+ Makeover the bedroom so that it’s cohesive with the master bathroom design

+ Add Metrie molding (crown, wall, base)

+ New bed frame, nightstands, duvet and pillows

+ Paint

+ New window treatments

Inspo photos:


Via Christine Dovey


Via Erin Kestenbaum


That’s right folks – another full bathroom renovation is written in the stars this year.

Our main hallway bathroom is a bit larger than the master and also requires a full gut. It’s not as horrifying as the master was prior to demo, but the previous owner must have had a thing for fiberglass showers, which are virtually impossible to keep sparkly clean.

This bathroom has been in pretty rough shape for a while (full backstory to come when I officially share the design plans), so we’re both itching to get this done.

The photo that’s inspiring the main bathroom remodel:

Via Jenna Lyons


A smaller project, but one that would make a statement as this is what people will see when they first walk into our home. I’d love to paint the current wood railings black/white and add a carpet runner to the stairs.

Currently, the railings are all wood (photo is from the day we closed on the house):



via Christine Dovey

I’m not sharing the concept designs just yet, and there are a few reasons as to why I’m creating them a few months in advance of when we’re actually planning on making over these rooms:

+ To have a $$$ savings goal. I’m much more likely and motivated to save my money when I have a design in mind and know exactly what I’m going to buy vs. buying random shit that doesn’t have a place just yet

+ To look for specific things when I’m thrifting as it typically takes a while to find exactly what you’re looking for

+ To sit with it for a few months before moving forward with the execution to be sure we truly love it

I’d love to know – what do you have planned for your home in 2019?

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