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One Room Challenge, Week V: Tick….tock

In case you missed it, here’s the week 4 post to catch you up on the mayhem.

The end is so near yet, there’s still so much to do. I’ll admit, this bathroom reno is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Although the last few weeks were filled with nothing but stress, this bathroom would never be where it is today if it weren’t for the ORC.

I guess that’s like…the whole point of the challenge.

I’ve been so focused on pushing through each task that I haven’t had a chance to reminisce on how much has actually been accomplished over the last few weekends/weeknights, so here it goes:

+ Demo’d the bathroom down to the studs

+ Removed rotted subfloor and replaced with new subfloor (took much longer than expected)

+ Hung new drywall

+ Tape the seams and apply mud to drywall

+ Applied first coat of primer  to walls

+ Applied self-leveler on the subfloor

+ Installed cement board on the floors

+ Installed cement board in the shower

+ Installed shower niche

+ Installed shower pan and membrane

+ Waterproofed shower

+ Tiled 85 sq ft the shower walls and floor with Carrara marble (my hands are prob permanently beat up/cut/bruised, but it was totally worth it)

+ Sealed shower marble

+ Started painting vanity

+ Consumed excessive amounts of vino

And here’s what still needs to happen with 11 days left in the challenge:

+ Apply a second coat of primer to walls

+ Install herringbone marble to floors

+ Spray 2-3 coats of paint on vanity

+ Cut and install wall moldings (crown, base and wall moldings from Metrie)

+ Grout shower walls and floor

+ Spray paint two coats of paint on walls and ceilings

+ Install vanity, toilet, sconce, mirror, wall fixtures, art

+ Style

+ Cry tears of relief/joy

It seems like a lot to accomplish within the next 10 days, but I’ll be working on everything during nights and weekends I should be able to get it done for the Nov. 8 One Room Challenge deadline.

Whenever I start feeling defeated/curl up in a fetal position on the recently tiled shower floor to cry, I look at this side-by-side comparison of then vs. now and remember that the only way to move is forward.

And my permanently damaged chunky little fingers laid all that tile.

I also look at my effed up hands and wonder if they’ll ever look normal again. Or if my pores will ever be not clogged with mortar dust.

I’ve been trying to not give too much away, but it’s been so hard because I loving sharing the process and items I’ve sourced thus far (which you can find in last weeks post)

I think my biggest life accomplishment (you read that right) has been installing the shower tiles. I took off a few days from work to get this done and for my first time tiling, I don’t think it turned out that horrific. The measuring and calculating was the hardest part, but otherwise, a few deep gashes on my hands later and I’m semi-pleased with the result.

G2G tackle the rest of the items on our to-do list. Wish me luck and say a prayer.


*crossing my fingers all goes as planned – but if there’s one thing I’ve learned thus far it’s that absolutely nothing goes as planned. A girl can dream.

To watch the challenges and emotions of the renovation unfold from Week 1, visit my Instagram and check out the “ORC” story highlight.

The media sponsor for the One Room Challenge™ is  Better Homes and Gardens.

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  1. It looks great! I am excited to see the vanity and all the other items from your design plan come together! I’m always amazed at how people can make over a room in such a short time. Good luck!


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