One Room Challenge, Week III: Buildin’ The Bones


Hey! If you’re new here, my husband and I purchased our first home (a generic, 1960’s bi-level) about a year and a half ago in Northern NJ. Little by little, we’re adding personality to our basic, builder-grade home, and for this fall’s One Room Challenge™, I’m tackling our very first demo/reno with our tiny master bathroom. For the next six weeks, I encourage you to sit back and follow along with a glass of (bo)vino while I slowly (but proudly) become a slave to the (small) bathroom of my dreams. 

To catch you up here’s the progress we made last week

And here’s the progress we made this week:

+ Picked up some gold calacatta marble at Floor & Decor (on sale!!!) for our floors – TBD on whether or not I’ll end up using it (thank god for their good return policy)

+ Laid mortar and cement board on the floors

+ Started to hang cement board on shower frame

+ Installed shower niche

+ Consumed excessive amounts of vino

Side note – I’m SO EXCITED because I finally invested in a full frame camera – a Canon 6D! The quality of my photos (even the photos of an ugly bathroom reno) is so much better, and I’m that much more excited to capture the finished project.


I mean, look at the detail on this towel hook against the soon-to-be shower marble.

On Saturday, I kept things moving in the bathroom while Angelo tended to some much-needed yard work.

I installed cement board to the floors, using 1/4″ cement board, white mortar and a 1/4″ x 1/4″ trowel.

(Photo taken with new Canon 6D and 50 mm lens)

It felt so good to finally cover the sub floor that caused us so much distress.

I couldn’t really do anything else until the mortar dried, so on Sunday, the cement board went up in the shower.

Initially, I wanted a large, horizontal shower niche placed right in the center shower wall:

But as you can see, there’s a friggen PIPE preventing my middle shower niche dreams from coming true.

So, Angelo installed the niche on the right wall, opposite to where the shower hardware will be.

I’ll admit – for the first time since we started this project, I’m happy with this week’s progress.

But, I really have to get a move on things. Tackling this project on the weekends won’t cut it anymore if I want to hit the ORC deadline.

Next week’s plans…

+ Finish hanging the cement board in the shower

+ Install the shower pan (something I’ve been dreading)

+ Begin waterproofing the shower

+ Make sure that most of the big-ticket items are purchased and can arrive at our house before the ORC is over (and share those purchases)!


The media sponsor for the One Room Challenge™ is  Better Homes and Gardens.

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  1. Nicole Varga | all the little details
    2 months ago

    Wow, this is such a major renovation project! I love your mood board and can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

    1. aglassofbovino
      2 months ago

      Thank you so much Nicole!!!

  2. Jessica Lucas
    2 months ago

    I love your style and how you aren’t afraid to be bold in your decorating! I’m so excited to follow along in your bathroom renovation. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    1. aglassofbovino
      2 months ago

      Thank you so much Jessica!! <3

  3. Beth
    2 months ago

    Oh my gosh, that towel hook is fantastic! Love how it looks against the marble- just so beautiful! I can’t wait to see the end result!

    1. aglassofbovino
      2 months ago

      thank you Beth!! I can’t wait either LOL!!!

  4. Create/Enjoy
    2 months ago

    Going to be beautiful!!
    Congrats on the 6D!! I use an ancient 5D, at least it’s full frame… but I imagine yours is a dream!

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