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One Room Challenge Week IV: Things Get Ugly Before They Become Pretty

You can find last week’s recap here

This week’s progress:

+ Finished hanging cement board in the shower

+ Installed shower pan and membrane

+ Waterproofed shower

+ Installed shower floor marble

+ Started shower wall tiling (!!!!)

+ Sourced and purchased everything needed to complete the bathroom (listed everything at the end of this post)

I’m sure like most other ORC participants, this week I had to face the not-so-fun reality of the limited time left in the challenge (and the million things left to do), so I had to start working on the bathroom from ~7pm-11pm after coming home from my FT job.

I decided to use Schluter products for the base of the shower and a waterproofing membrane for the walls. When I cut the Schluter pan, I realized that I measured slightly off from the drain, and so I cut the tray small enough so that there was a 2-inch gap on all sides, which I could then fill with dry packed mortar and slope towards the drain.

The waterproofing of the shower was completed over a matter of 3 days and I had to ensure that every single square inch of the shower was sealed to prevent leaks.

On Saturday, I installed this marble hexagon Carrara from Floor & Decor.

And on Sunday, I started planning and measuring the tile pattern for the shower walls. I usually use the good ol’ Italian eyeballing method when it comes to simple household tasks such as hanging art, placing furniture, cooking, etc., but I learned rather quickly that you can NOT use that method when it comes to tiling.

Why can’t anything just be easy? Why.

We liked the running bond pattern, so that’s how I measured out the tiles for the shower.

 And here’s the first photo I took with my new Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 lens (which I’m nothing short of obsessed with)…

tiled shower

You can see allll the details, including where I messed up the spacing of the tiles 🙂 It’s not the best job, but not terrible for my first time tiling (I think)?

I’ve been dying to share what we’ve purchased for the bathroom so far and the amazing companies I’ve been working with to source these products!

Vanity // Joss & Main

I plan on painting this Salamander or Hunter Green by Benjamin Moore, and I’ve been debating the finish – high-gloss or satin. I was between this vanity and another that I liked, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this one and knew that even though it was a bit pricey, it was worth the extra funds to get something I truly loved. I’m super nervous about painting it, but I remind myself that I once painted all of our cabinets and that I’ll be *just fine*

Toilet // Joss & Main


I never thought I’d describe a toilet as “pretty,” but isn’t this toilet stunning??! I wanted a toilet that was sleek and slim, and this ended up being the perfect size for our small bathroom. I was worried about measurements since the space is *so* tight and the vanity I chose was an inch larger than the last vanity, but this toilet was the best size I could find. Here’s a great article from Wayfair on choosing the perfect toilet size for your bathroom!

Faucet and Shower Hardware // Kingston Brass

The quality of Kingston Brass’ products is unbelievable. I received my order from them a few days ago and the photos on their website don’t do their products justice. Needless to say, this is something I’m definitely looking forward to installing.

Trim & Molding // Metrie 

After having to get creative with how molding will look in the small space, I ended up choosing some wall, base, and crown molding. We haven’t installed molding yet in the house, but this will be the first install of manyyy Metrie moldings! And I found out that I live five minutes away from one of their three locations on the east coast. Talk about being *blessed af*

Shower & Floor Marble //  Floor & Decor

Fun story – on Saturday, I drove 2 hours to a Floor & Decor that was in PA, because I saw marble on their website that none of the other stores carries and I had to see what it looked like. When I got there, I wasn’t a fan. To make the trip feel like less of a waste of my time, I ended up purchasing the marble I originally wanted, a 6×12 honed Carrara. At least the trip wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Vanity Light // Etsy

Ohhhhh my god. I was scouring the internet for weeks looking for the perfect vanity light, and then boom. This Etsy shop popped up and I soon was drooooling over their products, particularly this vanity light. It’s going to look stunning over the next item…

Mirror // Hayneedle

I wanted something different for the bathroom (as there are only so many ornate gold mirrors a girl can have), but I didn’t want a regular ol’ square or round mirror. So, this curvy Venetian frameless mirror was the perfect option.

Art // Minted

I chose a few beautiful prints from Minted’s art section, this being one of them. I envision this print definitely tying everything together!

On next week’s to-do:

+ Finish installing the tile in the shower so the glass shower doors can be measured

+ Start installing the floor marble

+ Second coat of primer on the walls

+ Start hanging Metrie trim

+ First coat of paint on Vanity

+ A million other things I’m probably forgetting

There’s still so much to do in so little time!

To watch the challenges and emotions of the renovation unfold from Week 1, visit my Instagram and check out the “ORC” story highlight.

The media sponsor for the One Room Challenge™ is  Better Homes and Gardens.

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